Below are syllabi and student evaluations (instrument can be found here ) for courses I’ve taught recently. Contact me if you would like information on the many other courses I’ve taught (e.g., Organizational Theory in Higher Education, the American Professoriate, Policy, Inequality, and Educational Attainment, Research Methods, Applied Quantitative Analysis).

Finance in Higher Education ( syllabus , student evaluations )

This course provides an overview of the economics and finance of higher education in the United States, with an emphasis on the analysis of financial policies and current issues at the national, state, and institutional levels. The purpose of this course is to apply concepts, models, and methods of economic theory in the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of issues, problems, programs, policies, and behaviors related to the finance of higher education.

Survey Methods in Educational Research ( syllabus , student evaluations )

The field of survey methodology draws on theories and practices developed in several academic disciplines, including mathematics, statistics, psychology, sociology, computer science, and economics. To become an accomplished survey research professional, one must acquire a mastery of research literatures as well as experience in designing, conducting, and analyzing surveys. This course introduces students to a set of principles of survey design that are the basis of standard practices in the field. The course exposes the student to research literatures that use both observational and experimental methods explore the nature of human behavior that affect the quality of survey data.

Policy Research in Education ( syllabus , student evaluations )

The purpose of this course is to explain how conceptual frameworks, theories, models, and research methods contribute to the study of educational policy. In pursuing this purpose, you will: (a) gain an understanding of education policy research as a scholarly field; (b) develop a more sophisticated understanding of the educational policy process; (c) explore some of the key policy issues in American elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education; and (d) learn about some of the salient issues to consider in conceptualizing and conducting policy research.This class is an introduction to the field of educational policy analysis. Readings focus on current issues in the field as well as theories and methods of policy studies.

Research and Assessment in Education ( syllabus , student evaluations )

This master’s level course is designed to introduce students to the quantitative and qualitative social science research process, skills that will be critical to their success as higher education and student affairs scholar-practitioners. This course does not teach the specific details of executing any one particular research method. Instead, it introduces students to a broad range of social science methods and provides the tools to help students evaluate the strengths and limitations of such methods.